Notice of joining
First, be familiar with the business environment of the Agency (distribution) area, with certain business knowledge and marketing experience.
Two, the prospect of the insurance box industry is full of confidence, can work together with the company, common development.
Three, we can comply with the company's various systems, cooperate closely with the company, and accept the supervision and support of the company.
Four, have certain economic strength and the ability to open up the market.
Five, consciously maintain the brand image of Andy Insurance cabinet.
Six, can not exaggerate the regional sales, follow the Andy company sales rules.
Seven, have certain social relations of public relations and management ability.
Eight, have a certain opportunity to grasp the ability and good social ability.
Join process
1, join the consultation: through the Andy company website ( or dialed to join the consultation telephone;
2, the application of alliance: we can join online or join in the interview on Andy enterprise website, fill in the complete application of the alliance, and present the relevant certificate of the legal person (natural person).
3, cooperative negotiation: according to the specific situation of the applicant, the company studies and implements the mode of cooperation.
4, the signing of the contract: both sides confirm that the signing of the signing of the contract.
Online affiliate
Send mail to, including contacts, gender, age, telephone, fax, e-mail, address, distribution area and remark, etc.
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